Canada’s top-grossing ad categories

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Historically, Canada’s top-grossing ad categories.

1. Automotive:

The automotive industry has often been a significant ad spender in Canada. Ads related to car manufacturers, dealerships, and various automotive services are commonly seen.

2. Telecommunications:

Companies offering mobile, internet, and television services heavily advertise in Canada. In a highly connected society, telecom ads are frequently observed across various media channels.

3. Retail:

Advertising in the retail sector is substantial, especially during holiday seasons. Promotions from department stores, supermarkets, and online retailers are commonly seen throughout the year.

4. Financial Services:


Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms invest significantly in advertising to attract customers. Promoting various financial products and services is a common theme in this category.

5. Food and Beverage:

Canada’s food and beverage industry invests heavily in advertising. From restaurants, fast-food chains, and beverage companies to grocery store promotions, ads in this category are frequently observed.

6. Entertainment and Media:

Ads related to movies, television shows, streaming services, and other entertainment options are prominent in this category.

Please note that this information may vary, and it’s always a good idea to consult recent reports and market analysis for the most accurate and up-to-date data on Canada’s top-grossing ad categories.

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